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A’s and Giants Introduce Battle of the Bay Trophy

In 2010, Chicago Cubs and White Sox introduced the Crosstown Cup…an actual trophy that is awarded to the club that wins the annual matchup between the two teams.

Sadly(?), no one really cares…much less, knows it even exists.

“I honestly thought it was just kind of like bragging rights,” Sox catcher Kevan Smith said prior to the 2017 series. “I didn’t realize there was a cup. Let’s win it then. I want to get a picture with it.”

The Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants hope their newly christened Battle of the Bay trophy is better received. And, honestly, it’s unique hook might make it something each team might actually covet.

Cool, right?

Kind of.

In the 21 seasons since interleague play began, the season series has ended in a tie ten times. Meaning…there’s a chance this potentially iconic trophy might not even be rewarded half the times the two teams play.

So, about the Bay Bridge.

Most will recall a section of the old bridge was destroyed during the 1989 World Series between the A’s and Giants. Construction of the new bridge was finally completed in 2013.