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Brett Gardner Runs Risk of Being Fined for Cleats

Five years ago, then-San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson was fined $1000 by Major League Baseball for, essentially, his bright orange cleats being “a little too bright, too flashy”.

The bearded one grabbed a black marker and voila…“Nike Air Sharpies”.

Something tells me that while, yes, Brett Gardner might get fined for his footwear on Sunday, the outfielder’s all white New Balance spikes would never be labeled as “flashy”.

Will Brett Gardner’s cleats get him fined?

“Just a one-time thing, man,” Gardner said after the game. “Just today. Won’t happen again. Some guys wanted me to wear them. CC [Sabathia] was pitching today, and he was excited about them. So I said, ‘Why not?’”

Unfortunately, the white out didn’t help the newly-minted All-Star at the plate. Gardner was hitless in the Yankees 2-1 victory over the Mariners, but he walked twice and scored the tying run in the sixth.