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Brewers Honor Bob Uecker with Second Statue

Countless players have statues in or around the ballparks that they once called home.  But how many catchers with a career .200 batting average have one…much less two?

As of Friday, Bob Uecker stands alone.

The Milwaukee Brewers honored their longtime broadcaster with a second statue before the team took on the Chicago Cubs Friday night.  But while the first one stands outside Miller Park’, this one sits in the last row of the upper deck…a nod to Uecker’s iconic Miller Lite commercials.

“They had to make sure it was the worst seat,” Uecker said about the statue’s location.  “I think those seats are sold out every day. There’s 200 seats up there, and I think they’re sold out every day.”

Next to the statue of “Mr. Baseball” is an empty seat where fans can sit and pose for a picture in exchange for a donation to the Brewers Community Foundation and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“It’s meant to be a fun thing for fans and a way to generate money for Brewers (Community Foundation) and my favorite, the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” Uecker added. “Fans will be able go up there and sit next to me, maybe a lap dance, I don’t know.”

Well.  Played.

Bob Uecker jokes with photographers and well wishers during the unveiling of his statue Friday in section 422 at Miller Park.