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Bronson Arroyo is Rocking Some Vintage Gear

After not throwing in the Majors since June 2014, Bronson Arroyo is back.

The onetime (and possibly future?) Redleg isn’t the only relic in Peoria, Arizona for Spring Training. Turns out, Arroyo brought some vintage gear with him as he guns for a gig with the Cincinnati Reds.

So, if you’re keeping track at home, Arroyo hit camp with some 1999 Kenny Lofton cleats and the same mitt he’s been using since (at least) the 2003 season.

But that isn’t all.

Even though Arroyo has banked more than $90 million during his career, he isn’t rocking old gear and a flip phone to be some sort of hipster…dude is just a creature of habit.

“I don’t do well with change,” Arroyo said three years ago. “I love something and I tend to stick with it for a long time.”

Makes sense to me.