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Cashing in on the Pine Tar Incident

Every time July 24 rolls around, the collective attention of Major League Baseball fans everywhere turns to one thing.

The Pine Tar Incident.

MLB Rule 1.10(c) (aka the “Pine Tar Rule”) received national attention when Kansas City Royals great George Brett hit a go ahead two-run home run off New York Yankees closer Goose Gossage.

And we all know how that played out.

Hoping to capitalize on the popularity of that brief moment in baseball’s storied history (it also probably helps that Brett was the pride of El Segundo long before becoming a Hall of Famer), El Segundo Brewing Company recently debuted The Pine Tar Incident beer.

And if drinking beer named after the Pine Tar Incident isn’t enough to satiate your baseball appetite…you can also use Pine Tar Beer to clean yourself.

Seriously…that’s a real thing.