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Chipper Jones Blasts Hall of Fame Voters

I've been public about my feelings about Chipper Jones and his innate ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, but this time…well, this time, dude is on point.


I hate to admit it, but Jones is right when it comes to his former Atlanta Braves teammate.

Sure, based on what we know currently, Greg Maddux has is a lock for the Hall of Fame and, so far, has been included on every single one of the published ballots, but someone, somewhere will leave the guy off.  Just to prove a point.

I mean, how could a guy possible fare better on the ballot than Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron or even Ted Williams?  It's unfathomable, right?!?  None of them were unanimous. 

Matter of fact, the two guys that got the closest to being named on 100% of the ballots?  Tom Seaver (elected in 1992) and Nolan Ryan (1999).  Both of them got in with 98.8% of the vote, but get this…in the process they were both left off of a combined 11 ballots.

Now, I'm hoping Jones is wrong…for two reasons. 

One, I simply don't want him to be right.  And, two, I would really, really like to see evidence that the voting process is on its way to being fixed and everyone, yes, everyone, can come to the agreement that if anyone deserves to be the first unanimous Hall of Famer…it should be Greg Maddux.