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Chipper Jones Runs Into Manny Ramirez at Airport

For the past two months, former big league superstar Manny Ramirez has lived in virtual isolation…Des Moines, Iowa.

But, earlier this week, there was a sighting of the 12-time Major League All-Star by none other than…Chipper Jones?


After reading this, so many questions popped into my head. The first being, obviously, there’s an airport in Des Moines?

Turns out, the state capital is not only the 2014 summer home of Iowa Cubs player/coach Ramirez, but also serves as the location of the Des Moines International Airport. Fun fact about that “International” airport. There isn’t a single flight that leaves central Iowa and lands anywhere outside the United States.

All that aside, what was Jones doing in the Middle of Nowhere, Iowa? And how is there not a picture of this chance meeting?!?

Man…to have been a fly on the wall of this encounter.