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Chipper Should Leave Comedy to the Professionals

I like me some roast humor…I do.

You know, roast humor, right?  They’re the kind of jokes that cross the line just far enough to make you think whether or not you should be laughing and, if you are laughing, whether or not you need to re-examine if you should be laughing.

When it comes to professional athletes, or in this case retired athletes, making the same jokes, well…it might be best if they left it for the likes of Anthony Jeselnik, Gilbert Gottfried of the “Roastmaster General” himself, Jeffrey Ross.

Saturday, future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones hit the Twitters and, suffice it to say…might have crossed the line.

Oh, but it’s all okay, gang, Jones dropped a “jk” at the end of his tweet.  That make it better, right?


Clearly picking up on the faux pas that is dropping a completely offensive tweet about immigration, the Atlanta Braves legend attempted to make amends…nearly 28 hours later!

As you would imagine, of Jones’ more than 300,000 followers, plenty were definitely supportive of the tweet.  Erroneous or not.

But, this isn’t the first time, Jones has made some questionable comments on Twitter.  Remember back in April when dude suggested the Rutgers basketball team “toughen up”?

Man, to have been a fly on the wall of the Braves clubhouse when Jones and fellow comedian John Rocker were teammates!  I can only imagine the conversations those two good old boys used to have.