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CM Punk Gives High School Team a Pep Talk

It’s been more than three months since WWE Superstar CM Punk seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Sure, he’s been seen at airports and at hockey games, but dude has to get from place to place and loves his Chicago Blackhawks…we get that.  But this latest sighting is a little curious.

This past weekend, the “Second City Saint” took time from his busy (psst…not really) schedule to take in a high school baseball game at Holy Trinity High School in Chicago where he, reportedly, gave the boys a pre-game pep talk.

Say what?

Did the former WWE champ go to Holy Trinity? Nope…the then-Phil Brooks went to Lockport Township High School some 30 miles south of the “City of Broad Shoulders”.  Maybe he’s a friend of the school’s varsity head coach Joe Glorioso?  No one knows!

Until now.

“He was at the same hotel as the team and saw us in the parking lot.  Next thing you know, he’s asking who won the game for us and how we’re doing,” Glorioso said Friday.  “He’s a nice guy…very, very much a good role model.  He told the kids to stay in school and do the right thing.”

There’s plenty of speculation as to why CM Punk took his leave.  Is he frustrated, burned out…injured?

“He doesn’t look injured,” Glorioso added.  “He looks good.”

Look at this picture of CM Punk below.  The guy does look more relaxed than ever, right?

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