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CM Punk to Braun: “Shut the F*ck Up”

In addition to being a WWE Superstar, CM Punk is also a huge Chicago Cubs fan.

So, naturally, you would suspect the lifelong fan of the "Loveable Losers" has no love for the rival Milwaukee Brewers or any of their player.  When asked about the Brewers recently suspended star Ryan Braun…the "Straight Edge Superstar" was pretty open about whether or not he feels the former National League MVP should be banned for life.

"Absolutely.  That way I don't have to sit and listen to any [expletive] apologies," CM Punk told Yahoo! Sports.  "Look at Braun. That dude just denied, denied, denied and then he gets caught and goes, 'oh yeah, I'm sorry, I made a mistake.' I don't believe you. You're a liar. You've already proved it publicly in an open public forum. You're a liar. Just shut the [expletive] up and go wash dishes for a living."

But the former WWE champ wasn't done.  And it wasn't just Braun that was in his crosshairs.

"If you do drugs, you're a [expletive]," CM Punk added.  "If you're on a list from some fancy bourgeoisie pharmacy, you're doing drugs. Regardless of what your personal stance is on that in the guidelines of Major League Baseball, there are banned substances. I don't care if you like the rule. If you're a baseball player, follow the rule. If you don't like it, don't be a baseball player."