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Darryl Strawberry: A-Rod is Getting a “Raw Deal”


Less than a week after announcing he was opening up a rehabilitation center for professional athletes who have struggled with addiction, former slugger Darryl Strawberry is speaking out about drug use in baseball.

Specifically, you guessed it, steroids.

"(Hall of Fame voters) are such hypocrites," Strawberry said during an appearance on ESPN New York 98.7 FM. "They want to talk about these players that used steroids. There were drugs before then. They used drugs to get an edge. They used greenies to cheat.  Everybody has done something."

Strawberry had his fair share of demons on and off the field, but has been clean for nearly a decade.  The 51-year-old believes many Hall of Famers would have done steroids if they were available to them and admits he would have too…had he known about them.

"No question," the eight-time All-Star added. "I don't doubt it."

And what about baseball's current face of steroid use, three-time MVP Alex Rodriguez?

"How do we know it's true? Alex never failed a test," Strawberry continued.  "He is getting a raw deal regardless of how you look at it. You can't just make one player the villain."