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Darryl Strawberry to Open Drug Rehab


It's been nearly fifteen years since Darryl Strawberry laced up his cleats, but the eight-time All-Star is hoping to use famous name to help some drug addicts kick their habit.

I know what you're thinking…isn't Darryl Strawberry opening a drug rehab center kinda like his former "Celebrity Apprentice" boss-to-be Donald Trump opening a beauty salon?


You see, the embattled 51-year-old former slugger has actually been clean for nearly a decade.  More recently, he and his wife Tracy have become ordained ministers, set up Strawberry Ministries and, soon, will be opening The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center in St. Cloud, Florida .

The center will have programs designed to help professional athletes who have struggled with addiction.  The plan is to house the athletes together in a dorm so they can help each other out. 

"They could stay together and they can learn together and work together," Strawberry said.  

But don't think for a second that the recovery center is just for the famous.  Strawberry hopes that the facility will be able to treat anyone who is battling with addiction.

''I think the legacy we all want to leave is a positive one,'' the four-time World Series champ added. ''Baseball don't leave you a positive legacy. That's just a game and that comes and goes. But I think the most important thing is for people to see they're not a mistake.''