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Dave Letterman Grills Bud Selig

There are nights when David Letterman looks like he's just going through the motions, and let's face it…30-plus years behind the desk will do that to a man.  But, when he's genuinely interested, like he was Monday with baseball commissioner Bud Selig, he's one of the best out there.

And like him or not, Selig was able to hang with the talk show veteran every step of the way.

Selig, of course, was on "Late Show" to help promote Tuesday night's All-Star Game and, naturally, continued to bash in our skulls with how much the game "counts", but there were other things on Letterman's mind.

Most notably, Alex Rodriguez and the current Biogenesis investigation.

"Only time will tell," Selig said in response to whether or not the slugger will be back in New York.  "We're in the midst of a very thorough and tough investigation on all of this, because I really believe that it's not only the right thing to do, but we're going to do it. That's all I can tell you."