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David Justice to Appear on “Celebrity Wife Swap”

Reality shows with the word “celebrity” in the title sure are playing fast and loose with the word as of late, huh?

On the heels of a “Celebrity Wife Swap” that featured Larry Birkhead and Helio Castroneves…the ABC show has another winner lined up.  Tuesday night, former big leaguer David Justice and Dweezil Zappa will be swapping wives for some reason.  But first, yes, the show actually had the girlfriend (not the wife) of a three-time Indy champ and “Dancing with the Stars” winner trade places with the sister(!) of a guy who is only “famous” because the court ordered he got Anna Nicole Smith pregnant.

Anyway…back to Justice and Zappa.

Justice, spent 14 years playing in the Majors, now lives in San Diego with his wife Rebecca, their three children and, wait for it, his in-laws.  Zappa lives in Los Angeles with his wife Megan and her daughter.  I guess the gimmick here is Rebecca is, probably, some sort of papmered baseball wife, while Megan lives a very “eco-friendly” lifestyle which includes walking rather than driving their car.

Oh.  Em.  Gee!

Now, if only ABC could convince people that this show took place in the mid-90s when both of these guys were pseud0-relevant given their respective others (Justice, of course, was married to Academy Award winner Halle Berry and Zappa was running around with Lisa Loeb)…then we’d be on to something