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Errant Aroldis Chapman Fastball Can Be Yours!

Lotsa love going around for Nick Swisher as the Cleveland Indians first baseman made his return visit to Yankees Stadium. 

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case when the Tribe squared off against the Cincinnati Reds recently.  On Memorial Day, Aroldis Chapman unleashed a 100-mph fastball over the head of Swisher.

And now…that ball can be yours!

Turns out, the enterprising folks with the Reds managed to snatch up the closer's errant pitch and put it up for auction.  Sure, it's not exactly the most famous ball in the history of the game, but if you're a collector of baseballs that might have almost started a cross-state brawl…look no further.

Oh, and to top it off, the jersey Chapman was wearing when he threw the pitch that almost, nearly, maybe could've hit Swisher…well, that's up for bidding as well.