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Fenway Park Has a “Sleep Room”?

It’s one of those things you’re not likely to see during your $17 tour of “America’s Most Beloved Ballpark”…the Boston Red Sox “sleep room”.

That’s right, Fenway Park has a room dedicated to, you guessed it, sleeping.

“It is nice,” catcher David Ross said late last season.  “With the travel schedule you have here and this market and all the Sunday night games, getaway day-night games, everybody wants to put us on TV and have a big draw. You know we do have some times every once in a while where it’s nice to go in there and get a little hour or so rest…a little nap.”

Sunday night, however, following the team’s late-inning heroics against the Baltimore Orioles and heading into an early game on Monday, “a little nap” turned into a slumber party.  That’s right, three members of the defending World Champs (pitchers Clay Buchholz and John Lackey and first baseman Mike Napoli) called the room home for the night.

“That’s why it’s there,” skipper John Farrell.  “They’re taking advantage of it.”
Now, it remains to be seen whether or not an impromptu pillow fight led to Buchholz’s collapse against the Orioles Monday, but at least one thing is certain…bedtime beard braiding sessions have to beat fried chicken and beer, right?