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Former Miss America Names Baby After Wrigley Field

It’s not uncommon to name your kid after your favorite baseball player.  If you’re Katie Stam-Irk, Miss America 2009, you go one step further.

Irk and her husband named their new son Wrigley, you know…because of the field. But unlike future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones, who famously named his kid after Shea Stadium, the former beauty queen didn’t do so willingly.

She agreed to do it because she lost a bet.


You see, Brian Irk is a huge Chicago Cubs fan and prior to the season, made a deal with his wife.

“I grew up listening to the Cubs on WGN radio. I grew up outside of Chicago and I watched them with my grandmother.” Brian said. “If the Cubs win the World Series, then he could be Wrigley and if not, then he’s Oliver.”

Like the Cubs World Series victory…the rest is history.

The couple welcomed Wrigley Oliver Irk (who renamed name until the conclusion of the Wolrd Series) on Halloween.