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Frank Thomas: Baseballs Are “Doctored”

After sluggers Ryan Braun and Corey Hart flexed their muscles Tuesday night and put on a hitting display, Frank Thomas hit the Twitters with a theory as to why so many balls are flying out of the park at a record pace.

It’s simple…they’re juiced! The balls NOT the players.

Lets make sure this is Real!!! The Baseballs don’t fly like this in April!! Trust Me the Balls are Doctored!! Enough Said!! — Frank Thomas (@TheBigHurt_35) April 9, 2014

However, there is one thing about the newly elected Hall of Famer’s controversial statement…the numbers would prove otherwise.

Let’s break it down.  Through Tuesday night, there had been 195 home runs hit in the 226 games played.  Now, at first glance…it sure seems like a lot, right?  But, when you apply some simple arithmetic, you’re looking at 1.73 home runs per game.  I know, I know…what’s a .73 of a home run?  That’s math, son!

By comparison, through the first month of the 2013 season, home runs were being hit at the rate of  2.04 a game.  In 2012, we were looking at 1.89, 2011 saw 1.82 and 2010 was 1.88.  So, if anything, home runs totals are down, like, significantly.

Sure, it’s early, most teams have only played seven games and the Kansas City Royals have yet to go yard, but to say that the balls are being “doctored”…me thinks Thomas needs to put down the Big Hurt Beer (available wherever it is sold!) and check the numbers.