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Friday 5: Colin Means
You probably don’t know who Colin Means is.  Yet.
But, if the founder of the Speak Away Broadcasting Network has his way you will soon.
Means is the floppy-haired twentysomething on the other side of the proverbial glass of the popular new podcast “Canseco Knows Best”.  And, yeah, the “Canseco” in the title is for, you guessed it…Jose Canseco.
HOVG:  Right out the gate, gotta know, we’ve all gotta know…how did “Canseco Knows Best” come about?
MEANS:  I've always had an interest in podcasting, and the thought of Jose Canseco and all of his eccentricity doing one was very intriguing to me. I contacted his agent, who gauged his interest in doing one for my newly-created Speak Away Broadcasting Network. He was interested, and things escalated to the point of us putting it together.
HOVG:  How is Canseco work with?  I’m only asking because I’ve asked the man to talk to The Hall in the past and he wanted a tidy sum to do so.
MEANS:  He's very laid back in private. We've had some technical difficulties, and he was very patient in working with me to get them straightened out. He doesn't like doing interviews for free for some reason, so I can't say that surprises me.
HOVG:  Have you been surprised as to how open Canseco is on the podcast?  I was stunned to hear him open up about there being steroid users in the Hall of Fame.
MEANS:  I was at first. He definitely embraced the idea of giving his full, unabridged take on all of the topics that I present him. That's honestly just who he is. He doesn't really give a shit what anyone thinks about him or what he says, which makes him a very entertaining individual.
HOVG:  What is one story that Canseco has told you that you can’t wait to get him to spill on the podcast?
MEANS:  I don't try to pry anything from him if we aren't recording. I want everything he says to be fresh and uninhibited. It's a model that's worked well so far. He doesn't need a lot of prodding, either. I'll bring up a broad topic, and he'll tail off and go on these rants. It's great.
HOVG:  Alright, man, what’s next for you?  Any new projects in the pipeline that you can clue us in on?
MEANS:  I've been working with Andrew W.K. on a podcast for SABN. He's a really busy guy, so we haven't been able to record a full episode yet, but he's incredibly entertaining. Definitely stay on the lookout for that. I've been running a sports blog inconsistently for a few years, RiseAndFired.com, which I'm hoping to give more attention to soon.
You can follow Colin Means on Twitter at @colinmeans.  Also, be sure to subscribe to "Canseco Knows Best" however you listen to podcasts.