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Friday 5: Corky Miller, Part Two

There are many things you can talk about with a guy who has spent almost 20 years playing professional baseball.  But when you serve as The Hall's Chief of Stache and you get the opportunity to talk with a man of Corky Miller's caliber, there should really only be one topic. 

Miller is currently a catcher for the Louisville Bats, the Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.  He also owns one of the more amazing mustaches in baseball.  His lip sweater calls back to the days of Goose Gossage, Pete Vuckovich and Luis Tiant.  Miller’s mustache is so full and masculine that it makes lumberjacks feel inadequate.

And yet, despite his amazing facial follicles, there is more to this man then meets the eye. 

HOVG:  Corky, did you consciously grow this mustache, or did it sort of evolve into its current glory? 

MILLER:  You know, ever since I was little I remember wanting a great mustache. So…

HOVG:  Good enough for me (laughs).  Now according to many mustache and beard publications, your particular facial accoutrements are called ”The Winnfield”.  This made me think of Dave Winfield, but then I looked into it and he never got very creative with his mustache.  Is your mustache in honor of any one, or anything, in particular?  Or is it simply to strike fear into your opponents?

MILLER:  Well my Dad had this huge beard and played on a softball team called the “Gashouse Gorillas”.  They all had great facial hair.  Maybe that is where my love for the mustache comes from.  But it is not for anything in particular.

HOVG:  Obviously there is a great deal of maintenance involved in keeping your lip sweater in tip-top shape.  What sort of manscaping tools do you use?  Is it strictly a straight razor, or are you using some electric clippers for the finer points?

MILLER:  No tools.  I just use whatever is available.

HOVG:  Wow, that is beyond awesome.  Corky, do you have a nickname for your mustache?  If not, do your teammates have one for it?

MILLER:  No nicknames.  At least that I am aware of.

HOVG:  As a man who has well documented difficulties growing a mustache himself, do you have any advice for young men who aspire to grow full, lush mustaches like yours?  Any prep you do before you go to sleep?  Cucumber slices…mayonnaise…or is it simply good genes?

MILLER:  Best advice I have, patience.  You also have to have the willingness to take all of the crap you are going to get from people in the early stages.  Or so I’ve heard.  Lucky for me I have never had that stage. 

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Part One of Corky Miller's interview with The Hall.  And remember, do your research before growing a mustache, primarily at men’s softball leagues.  Do not use tools when trimming, just use what is available because that is what real men do.  Never name your mustache.  When growing your mustache, be patient and prepared to get made fun of by everyone you know for the first week or five.  Real men wake up with mustaches, they don’t grow them.