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Giants Pitcher’s Kid Has Awesome Name

San Francisco Giants pitcher Chad Gaudin did late Monday night what a lot of players do while bored on Twitter…he asked his followers to throw some questions his way.

Naturally, there were the standard "what stadium is your favorite" or "what player, alive of dead, would you like to face"…but then there was this.

An innocent question given the World Champs have the "Baby Giraffe" and "Kung Fu Panda" on opposite ends of the infield.  But I wasn't prepared for the ginger-bearded Gaudin's answer.

A lion…wait, Gator?

That's right, Gaudin and his lovely wife Syndal named their son (born September 27, 2011) Gunnar Gator.  Which, when you consider the righty hails from Metaire, Louisiana, a town about as bayou and bayou can get…isn't all that surprising.