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Giants Screw Up Barry Bonds Plaque

Barry Bonds might not be in the baseball Hall of Fame (yet?), but on Saturday, he became the 49th member of San Francisco Giants “Wall of Fame”.

Naturally, it wasn’t without controversy.

If you can’t read the plaque…here’s what it says:

Son of Bobby Bonds became greatest slugger in Major League history, breaking All-Time record for Home Runs, Career (762) and Home Runs, Season (73) in 2001. Legendary left-fielder led NL in Batting (.370) in 2002 (.362). He set ML record for Walk, Career (2,558) and intentional walks, career (688) and individual season (120).

As Fan Rag Sports points out, the plaque is void a few words, reading that he “led NL in batting (.370) in 2002 (.362)” instead of “led NL in batting (.370) in 2002 and 2004 (.362)”. And let’s not even get into the inconsistencies in capitalization.


Hopefully when the team eventually retires Bonds number, it’ll go a little bit smoother. Seriously…it’s a 2 and a 5.