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HOVG Podcast Minisode: Madonna and Rob Deer?

Athletes dating actresses and musicians has been going on since shortly after man showed up in the Garden of Eden. So it’s no surprise that popstar Madonna has had her eye on more than her fair share.

One in particular…onetime Milwaukee Brewer Rob Deer.

“I went to a Madonna concert with a teammate in Milwaukee,” the former slugger told The Hall of Very Good Podcast. “We sat front row and she danced and did the whole thing…and I kept staring at her. After the fact, she left something, dress attire, with the limo driver and she told him to drop it off to me at the stadium. I never did get that.”

But, it’s all good. Deer was a married man at the time and Madonna, well…let’s just say she got her home run hitter.

“Six months later, she was dating (Jose) Canseco,” Deer continued.

To listen to the entire interview, CLICK HERE.