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Is it the Beginning of the End for Chief Wahoo?

Prior to the All-Star Game, Rob Manfred said he would be tabling any discussion of demanding the Cleveland Indians ditch their Chief Wahoo logo until after the season.

Not wanting to wait until the baseball commissioner decides that a red-faced, smiling Native American might not be the best thing for a post-1950s America, Topps had started to phase out the thing.

It’s true.

When the 2017 set came out earlier this year, Topps, the official baseball card of Major League Baseball, opted to go with the block-C logo versus the offensive visage when identifying the team. Meaning, they don’t censor the logo…they just don’t add it to their design.

“We continue to use the primary and secondary logos that are determined by MLB and its clubs, and show players in whatever uniforms they happen to be wearing,” Topps said via a statement. “To the extent we show team logos on a free-standing basis, it is generally the then-current primary logos of the clubs.”

So…progress? We’ll see.

 (h/t Sports Collectors Daily)