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Jayson Werth Wants to Play for Cal Ripken Jr.

Manager Davey Johnson is done in Washington and Nationals fans are starting to speculate who might take the reigns of their team.  Ask team leader Jayson Werth who he'd pick to be the team's next skipper and the choice is simple.

Cal Ripken Jr.

“He would be my number one choice,” the outfielder recently told the Washington Post.  "I would think my opinion matters. But I know that it doesn’t. I know better than to think that it does. I really don’t have a sense of what the organization is thinking. It doesn’t seem like the search has started."

For the record, there doesn't seem to really be a front runner for the gig, so, technically, that doesn't rule out Ripken being offered the job.  However, I've got a feeling I've got as much of a chance as the Hall of Famer in getting a call from the team.