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Jimmy Rollins to Miss Phillies Opener…Maybe

Well…this could get ugly.

2007 National League MVP Jimmy Rollins might not be on the field Monday when his Philadelphia Phillies open the new season against the Texas Rangers.  Why?  His wife Johari is expecting to deliver their second child at any time and the All-Star shortstop wants to be there.

Makes sense.

So, back to this seemingly sweet act becoming ugly…I already know what you’re thinking.  Stupid to suggest, right?

Remember, this is the same fan base that, famously, once booed Santa Claus and cheered eventual NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin as he was being carted out on a stretcher.

Should Rollins not be in Arlington for Opening Day, every indication is that Jayson Nix will be in the lineup.

Stay tuned.