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Joba Chamberlain Presents Teammates with Zubaz

I believe it was famed New York Yankees skipper Casey Stengel who, in 1927, once uttered the now-legendary phrase…”a team that wears baggy elastic-waisted pants together, stays together.”

And while I might have the year wrong, it’s an adage that remains true today.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…a handful of Chamberlain’s teammates wearing Zubaz.

The best part of the story isn’t that the reliever gave out the tiger-striped pants as presents, it’s how he got the idea.  Apparently, outfielder Torrii Hunter was hanging out in the clubhouse, rocking a pair he swiped from teammate Joe Nathan.

And what started as a theft…has turned into camaraderie.

“When you do things together, you kind of come together, like going out to dinner or having a chant or wearing something the same,” Hunter said. “This team over here, we’re very close. We have fun. We laugh and do a lot of things. That’s what you kind of have to do to withstand all the failure that you have on the field.”

Good to see someone getting to the Zu-bottom of this.  I’ll show myself out.