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John Rocker is Lashing Out at Hollywood Now?

Uh oh…must be that time of the month again.

I’m not saying you can set your watch by it, but, lately, John Rocker had made a habit of, nearly every month, sticking his head out from his hole and spitting his venom at anyone who, he thinks, is in his way.

Last month it was former home run king Hank Aaron.  This time…Hollywood?

Not that long ago, the former hurler lashed out at Hollywood actors, claiming they were on steroids.  And here we are, five months later, subjected to the same claims.

“I’ve been a movie buff for years and have always been impressed with action stars like Stallone and Schwarzenegger and have always chuckled at descriptions of their workout and supplement routines along with the gullibility of those who are dumb enough to buy it,” Rocker recently wrote.  “Does Sylvester Stallone get the chance to knock out Clubber Lang in Rocky without testosterone? Probably not, which is why the reality is that there is no difference in steroids in the movies and steroids on the playing field. It gives you an advantage over your competition whether that competition is 60′ 6″ away or sitting there in the casting room right next to you.”

Remember how we all laughed when Jose Canseco called out Major League Baseball and all of its discretions?  If you can look past the Stallone analogy (the guy wrote all six “Rocky” movies and directed three of them…THAT’S how he got the role), it’s possible Rocker might be on to something.

But it’s the way Rocker goes about making his point.  Check out this exchange from over the weekend.  It started pseudo-innocently enough, right?

MLB needs to get its act together.

— John Rocker (@johnrockerbook) May 11, 2014


@johnrockerbook why, because they let roid pumping neanderthals like yourself play the game?

— narrowurethra (@narrowurethra) May 11, 2014


@narrowurethra And for u ass clowns with ur PED argument; take ur moral high horse and shove it up ur ass right next to that gerbil. If u’ve

— John Rocker (@johnrockerbook) May 11, 2014


@narrowurethra got such a hard on for “pure” entertainment I guess there’ll b no more action movies for u. U think the entire cast of 300

— John Rocker (@johnrockerbook) May 11, 2014


@narrowurethra was natural. How about Hugh Jackman n X Men, Brad Pitt n Troy and Stallone and Scwarzeneggar n all their films. So take ur

— John Rocker (@johnrockerbook) May 11, 2014


@narrowurethra “holier than thou” BS and pound it up ur fat ass. It’s all just entertainment dip shit.

— John Rocker (@johnrockerbook) May 11, 2014


If the guy could just avoid the Twitter trolls…maybe, just maybe, he might get listened to.