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Johnny Damon Isn’t Done Yet

Johnny Damon isn't ready to officially retire.

Matter of fact, the 40-year-old outfielder is out there, actively trying to find a gig for the upcoming season. But…there's a catch.

The lifetime .284 is, according to multiple sources, only considering deals that guarantee him a roster spot on a Major League team.  Nope.  No more minor leagues for this guy.

And should his playing days truly be done, Damon is open to managing.  Again…only at the Major League level.

I like Damon, I really do.  But are his demands justifiable? I mean, it isn't even like he was setting the world on fire when the Cleveland Indians put him out of his misery in August 2012.  You might recall that, at the time, the guy was hitting just .222 in 64 games.