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Jose Canseco, Hunter Pence and a Taco-Shaped Piñata

While the rest of the internet was busy dumping ice water on its collective head to raise awareness (and money) for ALS, Jose Canseco was taking part in everyone else’s other favorite pastime.

Hunter Pence signs.


Now, there seems to be a few different schools of thought out there. One is that Canseco, like Pence, is in on the joke. The other is that the embattled slugger is completely oblivious to what the whole thing is all about.

Me? I’d like to believe Canseco is somewhere in the middle…a mix of both.

I said it before…I think the former American League MVP actually gets it.  I mean, dude is sitting at more than half a million followers, has actually managed to parlay his social media chest thumping into a coast-to-coast Home Run Challenge and he’s done it all without having stepped into a Major League Baseball batter’s box since October 2001.

And, really, how many of the 500,000-plus followers actually remember Jose Canseco the baseball player?

On the other hand, it’s totally possible that Canseco, completely consumed with himself, his fiancée and “Piranha Sharks” is 100-percent oblivious when it comes to Hunter Pence and his glorious signage.

Whatever the case, it didn’t stop the embattled slugger from taking part in the signs shenanigans and taking time off from his Home Run Challenge to destroy a taco-shaped piñata.