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Jose Canseco Lashes Out Against Justin Bieber

After taking some time off from his podcast, Jose Canseco found himself back behind the microphone.  Friday, the third installment of "Canseco Knows Best" dropped and the embattled former slugger was his normal, outspoken self.

Some of the topics Canseco tackled…his stint with the Fort Worth Cats, his desire to fight both Shaquille O'Neal (still) and Danny Bonaduce (again), NSA leaker Edward Snowden and celebrity trainwreck Amanda Bynes.

Also in the crosshairs of the former American League MVP…pop superstar Justin Bieber.

"The little kid's lost his goddamn mind.  He's lost his fucking mind," Canseco told podcast host Colin Means.  "I think he believe that the law doesn't apply to him.  He can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants."

Canseco's 16-year-old daughter Josie (no comment) was also on hand to chime in and said Bieber was "being a douche".

Here's the thing…I think they're both right.  And for good reason.  Like him or not, Canseco knows celebrity and he knows controversy.  Let's face it, over the last twenty five years, he's been both one of the most beloved and hated ballplayers of his time.

But here's what got me.  Canseco also seemed to speak out about the teenage singer as, gasp, a parent.

"Kids like that end up overdosing on drugs or wrapping their Lamborghini around a pole," Canseco said.  "(They) end up doing a lot of bad things and end up spending a lot of time in jail or prison."

Your move Beliebers.