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Jose Canseco Still Wants to Fight Shaq Again (Again)

At what point does the "Jose Canseco wants to fight Shaquille O'Neal" stuff sound like a broken record?

Answer…months ago.

That said, the embattled big leaguer is still, constantly it seems, calling out the future NBA Hall of Famer via Twitter.  Now, well, now he's even bringing his daughter Josie (yes, Jose Canseco's has a daughter named "Josie") into the mix.

And, like father like daughter…she's tweeting about it, telling her dad nothing UFC President Dana White hasn't already told me.

Alright, so…TV show idea. 

A "reality" show where cameras follow around the spawn of famous actors and athletes as they party it up.  Yes..no?!?

Seriously, wouldn't you spend 30 minutes on a Sunday night watching the party interaction between Jose Canseco and Shaquille O'Neal's kids?  Hell, throw in Wayne Gretzy's attention starved daughter photographing the thing and I think you've got a potential hit.