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Jose Offerman’s Daughter is a WWE Diva

Sometimes the apple clearly doesn't fall that far from the tree.

In 2007, former journeyman infielder Jose Offerman was hit by a pitch while playing for the Atlantic League Long Island Ducks.  Naturally, the 15-year Major League veteran did what all of us would like to say we'd do…he took bat to mound and starting swinging.  He connected with both the pitcher and the catcher and was subsequently hit with two second degree assault charges.

A couple years later, he would find himself banned from the Dominican Winter League. Seriously.  Offerman was acting as interim manager of the Licey Tigers when, while arguing balls and strikes, channeled Mike Tyson and tried to punch out the umpire with a right hook.

Which brings me to this.

Jojo, the daughter of the two-time All-Star, seemingly has the same fire as her famous father.  Thankfully, she's found a way to channel her aggression…as a WWE Diva and cast member on the E! Network's "Total Divas".  The 19-year-old also recently competed in the WWE Tribute to the Troops Diva Battle Royal, however, if you blinked…you missed her.

She was eliminated first (at the 3:24 mark in the video) by her reality show co-star Eva Marie.  Ouch.