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Josh Reddick Channels Ultimate Warrior

I’m not saying I had anything to do with this…but I’d like to pretend I did.

@JoshReddick16 Your move, buddy. http://t.co/ZtLsuQDGAy

— Hall of Very Good™ (@HOVG) April 12, 2014

You see, Josh Reddick is a huge wrestling fan and, unfortunately, was on the road when WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior passed away on April 8.  And it’s because of his team’s schedule, dude couldn’t properly honor the late superstar with a change of walk up music.

But, when he finally could, Reddick delivered…belting a walk-off single on Saturday.

Then, on Monday, the Oakland A’s outfielder showed up for his interview on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” in grand fashion…channeling the spirit of Ultimate Warrior in nearly every facet possible.

Oh, and in case I did have anything to do with Reddick’s appearance Monday or him changing up his walk up music…you’re welcome, America.