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Josh Reddick’s WrestleMania 29 Picks

It's a pretty safe bet that immediately after the Oakland A's finish up with the Houston Astros Sunday, Josh Reddick is going to try and find the nearest television so he can watch some wrestling.

You see, the outfielder is a huge fan (dude even carries around his own championship belt) and Sunday, well, Sunday is WrestleMania 29…the biggest night of the year for anyone who follows the squared-circled soap opera.  And while it would appear already that some of the outcomes are pretty obvious, it's always fun to speculate as to who is going to win.


But, when it comes to Daniel Bryan's championship match Sunday…is Reddick be rooting for or against his "Beard Off" opponent?

Here are Reddick's picks for five of the top matches on the WrestleMania 29 card.

John Cena over The Rock to win the WWE Championship  (Note: Reddick picked Cena to win last year as well…he did not)

The Undertaker to beat CM Punk

Kane and Daniel Bryan to retain their Tag Team Championship versus Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston  (Another Note: Reddick does expect Ziggler to cash in his Money in the Bank contract however)

Ryback over Mark Henry

And, "sadly" Brock Lesnar over Triple H, forcing him to retire

How do you think is going to win?  Do you agree with Reddick's picks?!?

In case you're curious if Reddick's love of wrestling has affected the way he's been treated by the A's faithful…just watch the video below.  And, yes, that's The Hall's own Benjamin Christensen at the 0:20 mark.