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Justin Verlander’s Brother Does the Weather

When Justin Verlander has a rough go of it on the field, he knows that when he goes home at the end of the day…he’s got Kate Upton.

Little brother Ben isn’t as lucky.

Unless, that is, you consider the ability to predict the weather on par with dating a Sports Illustrated cover model. Thursday, the West Michigan Whitecaps outfielder traded in his bat and glove for a chance to do some weather forecasting for ABC affiliate WZZM in Grand Rapids.

So what advice did the Detroit Tigers minor leaguer have for viewers while he was taking his turn in front of the chroma key wall?

“If the red hits the field,” Ben informed viewers. “Done.”

Sounds about right.

But…the switcheroo wasn’t done. Later in the evening, meteorologist Aaron Ofseyer, who, it turns out, also played minor league ball in the Tigers farm system, took a trip to Fifth Third Ballpark to put his bunting skills to the test.

But back to Ben’s weathercast. Check it out.

Now, if only that insufferable hack laughing throughout would just be quiet during dude’s audition for a backup career.