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Kato Kaelin Wins Big in Milwaukee

Sometimes it pays to stick with your team.

America’s favorite houseguest Kato Kaelin has stuck with his Milwaukee Brewers through thick and thin. Monday, it finally paid off for the superfan.

That’s right, Kaelin (who grew up suburban Milwaukee) was taking in his hometown team when he and his brother, sister-in-law and a friend from Los Angeles dropped $30 on the Brewers’ 50/50 raffle.

You guessed it. Their number came up and the quartet took home a cool $12,411.

“We have to do the taxes right away, and after dividing it, the money won’t go very far in L.A.” Kaelin said. “I’ll probably go grocery shopping at Whole Foods.”

Long before he was known only as “O.J. Simpson’s Houseguest”, Kato Kaelin was Brian Kaelin…wannabe college hurler.

“I pitched at Nicolet (High School in Glendale, Wisconsin) and I made the Varsity my Freshman year and thought, ‘wow, I must be good’…but my dream was Cal State Fullerton where the best baseball players went,” Kaelin told The Hall. “When I got to Cal State Fullerton, I saw that they did have the best players and hung up the glove. I continued playing baseball in other California leagues just for fun.”