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Kim Hudson and Eric Young Jr. Exchange Tweets


By now you've see the gruesome injury from Wednesday night that ended Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson's season, right?

If not, here's the video.  Warning…it'll make you squirm.

Alright.  A few amazing things came from that one cringe-inducing play. 

One.  Did you notice how Eric Young Jr. was the first one to respond after landing on Hudson's ankle?  Seriously, the New York Mets leftfielder was visibly shaken by what had transpired.  It sounds silly to say, but how refreshing is it to read this after a baseball game?

Second.  There's this.

Yup.  That's Kim Hudson, wife of Tim Hudson, actually reaching out to Young…letting him know that's everything is okay.  But lastly, Young kept the mutual lovefest going with a subsequent tweet.

Pure.  Class.