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Like Her Dad, Josie Canseco Loves Social Media

Confession time.  I’m like a lot of you…I’ve poked some fun at Jose Canseco online.  But, as time has passed, I’ve come to realize something.

Unlike a number of former big leaguers out there on the Twitters (looking your way John Rocker and Chipper Jones), I think the former American League MVP actually gets it.  I mean, dude is sitting at more than half a million followers, has actually managed to parlay his social media chest thumping into a coast-to-coast Home Run Challenge and he’s done it all without having stepped into a Major League Baseball batter’s box since October 2001.

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that Canseco’s 16-year-old daughter Josie also loves social media and that she’s using it to her advantage.  The aspiring model’s latest gig is pimping AT&T while promoting her appearance on some thing called “Summer Break 2” a web show about, wait for it, teenagers using their cell phones to document everything.

Somewhere there’s a “chip off the old block” idiom to be added here, but, really…wouldn’t that be overkill at this point?