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Major League’s Lou Brown was Based on Bobby Cox?

Bobby Cox’s ultimate legacy might not be his 29 years in the dugout or his record 158 regular season ejections…it might just be something he had no direct contact with.

The character Lou Brown from “Major League”.

“I had done a movie with James Gammon,” actor Lew Temple told The Hall of Very Good, “and he said he that modeled Lou Brown, the manager (in “Major League”), off of Bobby Cox. So one day, while (I was in) the Braves dugout, I called James Gammon and put him and Bobby Cox together so they could have a visit. I thought that was pretty cool.”

Hold on…let me get this straight.

The actor who played the manager in “Major League” took inspiration from the then-future Hall of Famer Cox for his portrayal as a fiery skipper of a big league ballclub?

Sounds about right.