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Michael Young: “I’ve Had a Gay Teammate”

Over the weekend, University of Missouri football star (and future NFL draft pick) Michael Sam announced he was gay and, much like when NBA player Jason Collins came out last year, it got the world wondering about gay athletes in sports.

So, naturally, when the recently retired Michael Young did a radio interview Tuesday morning…the subject came up.

"I guarantee you I've had a gay teammate. This may be the first openly gay player in the NFL, but clearly we know there have been tons in every sport — male, female, there have been tons in every sport," the seven-time All-Star told ESPN 103.3 FM in Dallas.  "We just don't know about them or who they are. They're out there right now. They're out there in the NBA, in the NHL, in the big leagues and in the NFL. Hopefully players are just comfortable being themselves."

Naturally, there's going to be a couple of reactions to Young's comments, but let's just hope that one of them isn't "who is he talking about?" because this isn't about finger pointing…it's about acceptance.