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Pete Rose Wants His “Second Chance”

A second chance…that's all Pete Rose wants.

Baseball's hit king was banned from professional baseball in 1989 and now, in light of current suspensions, he thinks commissioner Bud Selig needs to re-consider his stance.

“What it all comes down to in my situation is giving somebody a second chance. You get second chances if you do drugs. Nowadays you do drugs and you get a 50-game suspension," Rose told Philadelphia radio station 94WIP.  "I’m suspended going on 25 years, 24 years right now, so all you look for is a second chance. You won’t need a third and if you get that second chance you jump on it.”

In 1992, Rose applied for re-instatement but then-commissioner Fay Vincent reportedly never acted on it.  Seven years later, Rose tried again and, again, the commissioner, this time Selig, did nothing.

Since then, there's been speculation that the suspension might be lifted.

As recently as 2009, reports were that Selig might be considering lifting Rose's lifetime suspension.  Naturally, the day after the New York Daily News report…Selig shot down the rumors.

You can click here to listen to the entire interview.