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Puigmania Continues in South Beach

I don't remember Fernando Valenzuela having this much fun.

Not long after their loss against the Philadelphia Phillies Sunday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers hit the skies and made their way to Miami to take on the Marlins.  But, before they turned in for the night, Dodgers stars Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford and, yes, Yasiel Puig spent a night out on the town.

And, naturally, the king of South Beach himself, Lebron James, was there to greet them.

According to the Thirty Mile Zone, the trio hit LIV Nightclub after midnight and, along with the reigning NBA MVP, dropped more than $20,000 on some adult beverages.

But, this isn't the first time Puig has painted the town red while in town on business.  Earlier this season, the super rookie hit the clubs while his Dodgers were in the Big Apple taking on the New York Yankees and, just last month, was out with Snoop Doggy Dogg/Lion/Whatever and crew at the Playboy Mansion.

One can only hope (expect) the Instagram photos to hit the Twitters soon.