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Rare Mike Trout Relic Unearthed

It appears a New Jersey homeowner won't have to shell out close to a hundred bucks to get a life-sized image of Millville native Mike Trout on his wall.


According to MLB.com, the drawing below was found behind some boxes in a house once owned by Jeff and Debbie Trout…Mike's parents.  And, yeah, what you're looking at is a supposed silhouette of the Los Angeles Angels superstar and his older brother Tyler.

main image

The downside of coming forward and saying you discovered (and then painted over) such a find?  The abuse DimensionsInTime is receiving.  Ouch.

Sure, whoever this DimensionsInTime person(s) painted over the drawing, but it isn't like that was Millville's only connection to the outfielder.  Back in August, Millville High School renamed its baseball field after Trout and already has a display dedicated to the All-Star.

Not too shabby for a guy who graduated in 2009.