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Red Sox Return Number 26 to Wade Boggs

It’s been more than 23 years since Wade Boggs has been seen wearing Number 26 for the Boston Red Sox.

On Friday night…that all changed.

During their annual Town Hall event, the team welcomed back their Hall of Fame third baseman. The reason? Boston has finally opted to retire Boggs’ number during this upcoming season.

“Having a person’s number retired is not a right. It’s a privilege,” Boggs said. “This is, other than the birth of my children and marriage to my wife, Debbie, the greatest day of my life.”

Boggs told reporters that he was open to possibly filling some sort of instructional spot within the Red Sox in the near future.

“We’€™re going to talk, absolutely,” he said. “I’€™m back. Whatever role they want me to play, I’€™m back in the fold. As an advisory, I don’€™t know what my agent Alan Nero has in mind. We’€™re going to sit down and talk. Special adviser to something, for the dietitians how to cook chicken. I think there’€™s a certain role I could fill.”

On hand to present Boggs with his old number, the latest player to don 26 for the Sox…Brock Holt. The 2015 All-Star, who has worn the number since he arrived in BeanTown in 2013, will wear Number 12 moving forward.

And don’t worry, unless the Red Sox are looking at honoring Wes Ferrell or Ellis Burks (not likely)…Holt’s new number is his for as long as is with the team.