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Rivera Avenue is a Done Deal

The guy already had Metallica play at his retirement ceremony, but if you ask Mariano Rivera, having a street named after you is probably one of the coolest things you could ever.

Tuesday, according to Dan Salogub, the cat who has been behind the Rivera Avenue movement from the start, the tribute was very close to getting the "okay" from the New York City Council and, basically, just awaits Mayor Michael Bloomberg's approval.

Wednesday, after a 47-0 City Council vote, it was decided that River Avenue, which runs just outside Yankee Stadium, will, indeed, be renamed Rivera Avenue after the New York Yankees legend.

“It’s an honor to have a street named after me,” the future Hall of Famer told The New York Post.  "I have a lot of great memories driving down that street. My family and I are extremely grateful for this.”

Sure, it's not super common in New York to have a street named after you while you're still alive, but in the case of Rivera…well, c'mon, it's Mariano Freakin' Rivera.

"We are very excited to see that the idea is going into the practice because there is no greater role model in sports today than Mariano Rivera. This renaming of the street will be a constant reminder to generations of fans of the Mariano Rivera Standard–on and off the field," Salogub told The Hall.  "As much as I would like to take personal credit, I really can't.  Without Mariano Rivera being the player he was and the man that he is, there is no campaign for Rivera Ave.  I am just happy to be apart of a project that will truly Honor Mariano Rivera."

There's no timetable set for when the street will officially be renamed, but, you've gotta think it'll coincide with a Yankees home game.