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Robinson Cano Greeted with Boos

Back in December, Robinson Cano signed a 10-year, $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners.

Tuesday, the six-time All-Star, who spent nine seasons in New York, returned to the Bronx to square off against his old team.  Naturally, Cano thought he was going to be welcomed by Yankees fans as some sort of Messiah.

“The way I left New York, I left in a good way,” Cano told Jimmy Fallon Monday night. “I’ll hopefully get a good standing ovation. But if its not, I’m going to have fun. I’m still going to have some love for the New York fans, for all those years I was here. They were so patient and so kind to me, and I really want to thank them for that.”

A standing ovation? Really?!? This after Yankees fans pretty much booed him to his face earlier in the day.

“I think players sometimes think that if they say it, people will read it and think ‘that’s a good idea.’  But this was never going to happen,” ESPN analyst Jayson Stark told Keith Olbermann.  “Robinson Cano was never going to be viewed as a returning hero in the Bronx.”

Oh, in case you were wondering, Cano was not greeted favorably during the Mariners 6-3 victory over the Yankees.  Dude was welcomed with an incredibly ironic “you sold out” chant by the (estimated) 485 fans at Yankee Stadium.

A quick sidenote.  As asinine as Cano thinking he’d be cheered…the announced attendance of 37,484.  Check out the video…me thinks someone is stretching the truth.