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Ryan Braun Pulled From Book Cover

To say Ryan Braun has had a rough go of it since being popped (again) for his involvement with performance enhancing drugs would be fair. 

To say its been a rough week?  Well…that would be an understatement.  Consider this.

First, it was leaked that he told friends that the guy who collected his urine sample back in 2011 was an anti-Semite and a, get this, Chicago Cubs fan.  Next, Braun was hit with a lawsuit that claimed, among other things, dude had been using PEDs during college, cheated on his fiancee and even lied to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to preserve their business partnership.

Now…there's this.

According to Tablet Magazine, the disgraced Milwaukee Brewers slugger has been removed from the cover of the children’s book, Jewish Sports Stars: Athletic Heroes Past and Present.  His replacement?  Read.

“Due to this unfortunate occurrence," the book's publisher Kar-Ben announced, "(we) can no longer consider Ryan Braun to be a role model for children, (we are) creating a new cover replacing Ryan Braun with Sandy Koufax.”

Makes sense to me.  Honestly, who would've argued Koufax on the cover to begin with?