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“Toilet Tryst” A New Low for A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez is just determined to go down in flames, isn’t he?

Without getting into all the dumb things the New York Yankees third baseman has done over the years, I’m just going to lead with his most recent lapse in judgement.

According to the New York Daily News, Rodriguez partook in a “toilet tryst”.

A-Rod had been dining at the UMI Sushi & Sake Bar at the trendy South Beach hotel on Saturday night with an entourage. A hotel guest tells us the Yankee, who is facing suspension over his performance-enhancing drug scandal, was first spotted getting hot and heavy with the unidentified woman near the elevators in the hotel lobby early Sunday morning.

The duo soon disappeared into the women’s bathroom, where we hear they spent nearly 20 steamy minutes. A-Rod and the mystery lady allegedly became flustered and decided to end their toilet tryst when they were interrupted by another hotel guest.

That’s. Just. Awesome.

Oh, and to make matters worse…yes, the guy is still dating former WWE Diva (and Playboy model) Torrie Wilson.  And, yes, the same Torrie Wilson who two days later, on Monday, tweeted a picture of her and Rodriguez at an event celebrating recently retired Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

On Monday night, Wilson tweeted a photo of the couple at a surprise fete for Yankees legend Mariano Rivera (right), saying, 'So cool to spend a night honoring Mariano Rivera.'

Is the fact that Rodriguez took a trip to Porkopolis (thanks Family Feud!) with some random cleat chaser in a bathroom stall while his current galpal was, seemingly, making plans to visit him all that shocking?  Abolutely not.  What’s next…are you going to tell me that dude is an “unfriendly narcissist” that treats people poorly?

Never mind.