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Some Study: Cardinals Fans Are Best in Baseball

Ask any St. Louis Cardinals fan who the best fans are in baseball and they’ll tell you.  They are.

And now there’s a study that backs up those claims.

Recently, customer-loyalty consultancy firm Brand Keys analyzed each Major League Baseball team’s fan base, ranked them according to its “sports fan loyalty index” and, you guess it, St. Louis topped the list.

“You can’t buy authenticity,” Brand Keys’ founder and president Robert Passikoff said. “The Yankees had the highest payroll in baseball last year, nearly twice that of the Cardinals. Look who’s number one.”

In order to get to the conclusion that Cardinals fans were tops, Brand Keys interviewed 250 (that’s it?!?) self-declared fans and got their input on a number of different factors like fan bonding, fan authenticity and team history and tradition.

Rounding out the top five…Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Red Sox, Atlanta Braves and San Francisco Giants.

Which brings me to this.  Who were the worst teams when it came to team loyalty?  Well…I’m glad you asked.  The Houston Astros came in last, followed by New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies.

Of course…there’s a certain Twitter account that proves all this hype otherwise.